From August 21 through August 25, 2002, Annie was in Kanab, Utah attending the Western Legends Roundup. It's an annual event put on by the Kanab travel council, and this year, they honored Robert Fuller with a plaque on their "Little Hollywood Walk of Fame". Others honored were legendary director, Earl Bellamy, and a posthumous plaque was dedicated to Dale Evans. Her daughter, Cheryl accepted.

All of these pictures are thanks entirely to my website partner, Jennifer. She wasn't able to go to Kanab, so she did the next best thing- she sent her camera. That camera, a Canon SR digital camera, was indispensable and the wonderfulness of these pictures is due less to the photographer, and more to the subjects, the incredible setting and that magical camera. Thank you, Jenny.

Kanab is in the heart of the beautiful red rocks country of southern Utah

This is the plaque that Kanab presented.

Bob Fuller and some of his best friends:
Don Collier, Bob Hoy,(both from The High Chaparral)
Peter Brown (The Lawman)and Alex Cord

...and with some of his best fans:
Sandy, Angelika (in back), Elizabeth (in front), Annie, Bob (duh!), Jani, Vernette, Karin and Frances. Thanks to Peter Brown's assistant, Kerstin for taking the picture.

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