Annie's Top Ten Reasons Why WeLaramie

I admit it, I'm prejudiced.  I love Laramie.  Emergency! was okay. Bob is great in all the other stuff too.  But, I'm a Laramie kinda gal from the git-go.  Been in love with Jess Harper since I was three.

Having said that, why do we love Laramie?  I realize I'm taking a leap here.  Not everyone feels as I do, but let's pretend shall we?  Okay, I'll start.  The top 10 reasons why I love Laramie (with apologies to everyone who isn't Jess Harper)

  1. I love the way Jess does that little jump to get on a horse.  I can watch him get on horses all day...ahem...I haven't, of course.  Who on Earth would have time for a thing like that?  Not me, no way..that would be silly...on to #2.

  2. I love the fight scenes.  Some of the best in the business for its time and still great fun to watch.

  3. I love the way Slim and Jess are connected, like brothers, like opposite sides of the same coin.  They fight, they're sorry.  Jess leaves, he comes back, he leaves again, all is forgiven, he comes back...They're always there for each other.  Well, except in those episodes when one of them isn't there...but, I digress.

  4. Did I mention Jess getting on a horse?

  5. I love the way Jonesy and Daisy played Mother hen, and the way they all protected Andy, and later Mike.  No matter what, the kids' welfare was job one.

  6. I love how even when Jess was being headstrong, and stubborn, and okay, stupid, Slim always had faith in Jess' inate decency and sense of honor.  We did too.

  7. I love the way Jess always took care of his horse before he took care of himself.

  8. I love the way Jess would play with Andy and Mike, like he was a big kid himself.

  9. I love the way that the ranch and the town, and well, most everything looked grubby and used. Not pressed, and neat and sparkly like those Barkleys of Stockton.  When Jess' hat got dirty, it pretty much stayed that way.

  10. I love Mose, and Mort Corey, and all the cool guest stars.  And I even love the fact that Rod Cameron, and Lyle Bettger and LQ Jones and Fay Spain and Dick Foran and Gregory Walcott and a buncha others were all on Laramie about a zillion times, always playing different characters.  Well, except for LQ. He was pretty much always the same guy. :)

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