Jenny's Top Ten Laramie Episodes

You're probably saying, "How in the world can anyone narrow down Laramie eps to their top ten favorites?"  Well, I sure as heck don't know.  I had a lot of trouble with this.  The problem is there are so many eps that appeal to me in so many different ways.   Stage Stop for being an introduction to this wonderful cast, Queen of Diamonds for the pure fun of it, Man from Kansas for the drama...  How can I choose only 10!  Well it's hard, but I decided to give it a try.  I'm not promising you won't come back tomorrow to find a whole new list (I haven't seen them all, yet!).

  1. First and foremost, Stage Stop.  The first episode of Laramie. The first meeting between Slim and Jess, and Jess and Andy. Jess and Andy hitting it off right away (some great scenes here), Jess being forced to hit Slim, Jess saving the day, Jess and Slim beating the bad guys together. I can never resist watching this ep.

  2. License to Kill.  Sentimental favorite because it's the first Laramie I ever saw. But every time I see it, I enjoy it and can't pull myself away. The tension between Jess and Slim is excellent.

  3. Queen of Diamonds.  There are too many good funny Slim and Jess moments in this for it not to be a favorite. Pure and simple. I love it.

  4. Man from Kansas.  Again, so many good scenes.  Some Jess/Slim tension.  Jess being protective of Slim.  Jess saying Slim is like a brother to him and siding with Slim against all others.  For once, Slim is the hot head, and Jess is trying to calm him down.

  5. Men in Shadows.  My favorite thing about Laramie is the Slim/Jess relationship.  I love watching them interact.  Another favorite thing is Jess' past catching up with him.  I enjoyed the tension in this ep and the angst of Jess wondering if he can overcome his past.  When Slim decks Jess, the look that passes between Slim and Jess speaks volumes.  That scene alone qualifies this as a favorite ep, but it's also a nicely done ep overall.  As always, Rod Cameron is a great guest star.

  6. Dark Verdict.  I picked this one for pure story.  I'm always a sucker for a good law/order type of drama, and this ep kept me involved.  Reasons I liked it.  Jess' belief in his friend.  Slim's understanding of right and wrong (I'm a Jess fan, but that Slim is a great guy).  The townspeople's zealous misguided vigilanti-ism led by one holier-than thou judge.  Their comeuppance.  Plus, some Jess and Slim angst thrown in, though as always, Slim is really on Jess' side.  A different type of Laramie ep.  Darker than average imo.  Very good theme.  I particularly like the way the townspeople were handled.  The different ways they reacted was believable.  I was as angry as Jess and Slim, but I also did feel for the people who were obviously appalled at their error.  While I definitely hated the judge and his son, this wasn't a black and white everyone is pure evil ep.  And the ending, even made me 'not hate' the judge quite so much.  Nothing excuses the actions of the townspeople, but let's face it, we know tragedies like this happen.  Good example of why people should never take the law into their own hands. Reminded me of a Wagon Train ep where someone said, "The more a man looks guilty, the more the need for a fair trial"

  7. Duel at Parkison's.  More of a Slim ep, but plenty of Jess.  Again friendship is what I love about this ep.  Slim is pushed and pushed, but doesn't accept Parkison's duel until Jess is captured and threatened.  Jess is nicely supportive the whole time.  Slim is nicely tense the whole time.  And Slim once again proves to be one classy guy as he doesn't choose to gun down a defenseless Parkison.

  8. Fugitive Road  I just love this ep. Another buddy episode where Slim and Jess are generally together throughout.  There was lots of Jess background, Jess guilt, Slim angst, great family moments of fun and humor, and an interesting storyline.  Slim and Jess' friendship was put to the test, but they came out closer than ever.  I love Jonesy and Andy's loyalty to Jess and the way they harass Slim until Slim goes out and helps Jess.  Oh, and Slim even saves Jess from drowning.  What a story!  Truly wonderful.

  9. Run to Tumavaca.  Despite the fact that Jess leaves the ranch in this ep, it shows how much Jess has come to feel the ranch is his home.  He leaves because he feels obligated to help Laurel, but it's obvious throughout that he didn't want to leave.  This ep shows how attached Jess is to Sherman ranch.  There are lots of good scenes,  Andy teaching Jess to swim, Jess and Laurel talking about belonging, Slim catching up with injured Jess and Jess asking if Slim ain't tired of getting him out of scrapes, Jess and Slim going after the bad guy together with Slim following despite being skeptical of Jess' plan of attack.  The only thing I don't like about the ep is the idea of Jess having an affair with a married woman.  Doesn't seem Jess-like to me, but he admits it was wrong, so Jess being a little human once in a while is fine with me.  And lest I forget, there's another nice Jess and Slim tag at the end of this ep.

  10. Wow, I'm already at #10.  Oh, the pressure of making a pick for that coveted 10th slot...  So many great eps left to choose from.  I love Fortune Hunter, a solid Slim and Jess ep, with the wonderful dunking scene at the end.  But is it better than The Replacement which has Jess and Slim on opposite sides?  And I can't forget Killer Odds where Jess befriends Fred much like Slim befriended Jess and fights anyone and everyone (including Mort and Slim) to defend him.  Oh, and The Long Riders. What an episode! Jess both legitimately concerned about Slim's safety, and I think more than a little jealous of Andy's friendship with the new hand.  I can't leave out The Lawbreakers, not much Slim, but Jess and John McIntire are just perfect together in this. I laugh everytime I watch it.  Then there's Company Man, another great angsty ep where Jess' past comes back to haunt him and Slim and company stand up for Jess.

    Okay, I said 10, so I must make a decision and I have! It's....
    Mountain Men. Okay, there's a pattern here.  Once again, I loved the Jess and Slim moments.  When they told Daisy, they had too much to do to paint, then lounged in the meadow talking about how they couldn't let someone else tell them what to do, I just had to laugh.  I loved it even more when Daisy successfully manipulated our guys.  She's a great character.  I enjoyed the plot, and we get plenty of Jess.  Plus another fun tag at the end of the ep.

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