The Annamarie Gallery

Annamarie and her sister Wilma were great fans of Laramie back in the days when Laramie was still in production and long after. Annamarie was the president of the first (that we know of) Robert Fuller Fan Club. She had the opportunity to meet both Bob Fuller and John Smith on more than one occasion, visited the set twice and became friendly with Bob's parents.

These pictures were made on one of Annamarie's and Wilma's trips to California and were made around 1960.

Annamarie died on August 2, 2007. Long before that she bequeathed us many of her papers and pictures, including the pictures in this gallery, and some that are over in the Soapbox Corral

Here at the Relay Station we honor Annamarie's memory and these pictures are very precious to us and are shared with the understanding that they remain with the Relay Station. If you see these pictures on any other site, including Facebook, THEY WERE STOLEN. We would appreciate it if you would report it.

A hearty hi-ho Traveler and gigantic THANKS to Stacey, who performed miracles with these old pictures. Stacey, you're the greatest as ever was.

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Bob looking through autograph books.    
Annamarie on Bob's lap.    
Bob in a silly hat. (No, I really don't even...)    
Bob and Wilma.    
Bob about to sign a card for a fan club member whose father had just died.    
Changing the film. Remember when we used to have to do that?    
That hat again.    
Bob and annamarie laughing at something only they know.    
Bob reading the Hollywood Reporter.    
Annamarie and Bob.    
Check out the footgear!    
Wilma and Bob.    
Wilma and Bob outside.    
Wilma and Bob.    
Annamarie and Bob on sofa.    
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