Annamarie's Anecdotes

Annamarie is a wonderful lady that we have met, who was one of the instigators of RF's original fan club back in 1959 during the first season of Laramie. She had the opportunity to meet him on more than one occasion, and even visited him and his family in Los Angeles and went to the studio. Below are a few of her wonderful memories.

Annamarie and Bob Fuller- NY, November 1959

These are gleaned from various emails over a period of several months, so they seem a bit disjointed. We just cut and pasted and didn't make any attempt to alter them to make them seem like they are a continuous narrative. Most of these were in response to questions that we asked:

As far as the Laramie set goes, I was on the set twice, Wilma once. (LRS: Wilma, or Willy is Annamarie's sister) Willy and I were in Calif. in 1960 I believe, I was there in 1957 also. I went with a few of my friends. John Smith was kind enough to take us on the first tour of the Laramie set, Bob and Big Bob (Bob's Dad) took us on the set the second time. We had a great time. We saw the break away chairs that they use on set, and the ranch and the barn shells as they stood. The indoor scenes were just that, they were filmed on set indoors~~~~~~~~~~

On the Laramie set we were at the studio ranch sight. We were on the set where the barn and ranchhouse was located. There was also the fence that was to hold the horses. We didn't get to go into the house and the barn sight was just a front, nothing else behind it. Guess they did the barn filming in the studio itself. Have you ever been on a movie set? Most of what you see is just a shell of a building, and they do most of the filming on a closed door set inside~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I don't recall the story that John and Bob were filming regarding what took place, but here is what happened: They were working on repairs to the Sherman Ranch, and a support board let loose. On the end of this board was a rather long nail that was sticking out. It hit John in the head above his left eye and caused quite a gash 2 inches long. He had to have 8 stitches to close it. They did a good job though, it never showed up on any of the following scenes. John enjoyed fishing like Bob. John had a boat he used as often as he could. The first boat was the Pocahontas I, then on to Pocahontas II and III, the last being a 27 foot cabin cruiser. John and Luanna used it to water ski, fish and skin dive.~~~~~~~~~~~

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