The Laramie Trivia Test!

Test your knowledge of Laramie episodes, stories and characters by taking our own little trivia quiz. Be warned, this ain't no "what color are Jess' eyes" type quiz. This is hard-core, the trivialist of trivia. Okay, some of it is pretty basic stuff, but you'll probably have fun with it, even if it does make your head warm. Be sure to check back because we'll be adding new questions as we think of 'em! Click on the to see the answer.

  1. What was Slim's father's name?   

  2. Where was Andy sent to go to school?   

  3. What was the name of the company that Slim and Jess worked for?   

  4. Name two episodes where we meet Jess' brother in law?   

  5. When we first meet Miss Daisy, what "town" was she trying to get to?   

  6. When we first meet Mike, what does he mistake the traveling entertainers for?   

  7. What was the name of the pony that Andy had to turn loose in "Death Wind"?   

  8. In what episode did Jess and Slim paint the house and barn?   

  9. Name an episode where Sheriff Mort Corey is played by an actor other than Stuart Randall?   

  10. What did Jess paint on the side of the barn in "The General Must Die"?   

  11. Name two episodes in which Jonesy sings "Marry Me in Laramie".   

  12. How did Jess' parents die?   

  13. How old was Jess when he left home?   

  14. Why did Francie come to Laramie?   

  15. On what side did Slim fight in the war?   

  16. On what side did Jess fight?   

  17. Why won't Slim let Jonesy make his liniments in the house?   

  18. Why does the barn catch on fire in "General Delivery"?   

  19. Why does Andy run away in "Ride the Wild Wind"?   

  20. Name three episodes where Jess slugs Slim.   

  21. What is Mike's last name?   

  22. In what episode does Slim slug Jess?   

  23. In the episode Gun Duel, who is Jess' assistant while he's substituting for Mort?   

  24. In Vengeance, why can't Jess handle a gun?   

  25. Name two episodes where we get to see the attic of Slim's house.   

  26. Name two episodes where Jess gets drugged.   

  27. Who is the titular "General" in "The General Must Die"?   

  28. In "Vengeance", how much money does Jess have in the Laramie bank?   

  29. Who is the visitor who helps out Jess and Mort at the end of "Night of the Quiet Man"?   

  30. Name two episodes where we see Jess sewing.   

  31. Name at least one episode where Stuart Randall plays a character other than Mort Corey (there are several).   

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