Laramie Original Stories
Updated November 9, 2014

This page contains fan-written fiction based on the characters of Laramie. It is in no way intended as an infringement on any copyrights. It's only for our own enjoyment. Ain't no body makin' any money on this, believe you me. The situations presented and the original characters created for these stories remain the property of the authors. Stories on this page are presented in the order they were posted.    stories are at the bottom.

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Stories sorted by Author!

The Way Home
by Arren

Jess gets himself in a passel of trouble in a distant town. A good-hearted stranger helps him find the way home, and finds his own way in the process.

I'll Be Home For Christmas
by Arren

Jess struggles to keep a promise to Andy. This one is a gift to the Relay Station, and a Christmas card to everyone who loves Laramie as much as we do. Merry Christmas, 2002. Added December, 2002.

Killer Without a Face
by Mary

A devastating illness threatens a great friendship. Added January, 2003

The Trotting Horse
by Mary

Slim's poker winnings turn into an unexpected miracle. Added January, 2003

I'm Already There
by Arren

A tag to The Marshals. Jess makes it home against all odds. A completely plotless, pointless and mushy aftermath to the episode. Added February, 2003.

The Fine Edge
by Holly

A beautiful look into the early, rocky days of Jess and Slim's friendship. Added February, 2003.

The Cat
by Arren

Sometimes when things are going their best, life just comes up and pounces. Added February, 2003.

Home Fires
by Mary

A companion piece to Killer Without A Face. This is the story from Daisy's point of view. Added February, 2003.

The Return of Winona (Slim's Own True Ghost Story)
by Chris
This story first appeared in the Tales from the Laramie Trail back around 1988 and is set following the episode Perfect Gift.  Added February, 2003.

Night of the Harvest Moon
by Mary

A neat, short adventure with a dollop of humor thrown in.  Added February, 2003.

Jess' Gloves
by Chris
A nifty response to our discussion about the gloves. Chris' take on why they're so important to Jess. Added February 27, 2003. Happy birthday, Chris!

The Beginning of the End
by Holly

Another great early friendship story. Slim is about to lose the ranch to the bank and Jess tries to help out. Added February 27, 2003.

Little Bird
by Chris
Mike and Slim have a talk in the middle of the night, about life, fear, and racoons. Added March, 2003.

Death Rode Shotgun
by Mary

A disquieting man appears at the Sherman ranch. Someone whom Jess has met before. Added April, 2003.

Root of Evil
by Holly
In the early days of Jess and Slim's friendship, an unwelcome visitor arrives and stirs up the past. Added April, 2003.

Prettiest Girl in Laramie
by Patricia Henry
Meet the prettiest girl in Laramie. Added April, 2003.

The Goodbye
by Moira

Could this be the end of a great friendship? Added April, 2003.

The Accusation
by Patricia Henry
Slim and his new ranch hand have some trouble with the neighbors. Added May, 2003.

Hot Water
by Holly
A drought causes trouble for Slim and Jess. Added May, 2003.

Son of Fly
by Mary

A lovely follow up to her story "The Trotting Horse". This one centers around, you guessed it, Fly's son and Jess' love for his horse. Added May, 2003.

Blood Money
by Holly
An old enemy returns to Laramie to get even with Slim and Jess. Added May, 2003.

The Texas Kid
by Patricia Henry

A young girl has a serious case of hero worship for Jess. Added June, 2003.

The Real Hard Part
by ajm

Jess has to say goodbye to a new friend. A tag to the episodeStar Trail.   Added June, 2003.

The Last Run
by Patricia Henry
When the stress of running the ranch makes Slim difficult to work for, will an old friend lure Jess away from the Sherman ranch?    Added June, 2003.

Happy Christmas Pard
by Moira

A mid-summer Christmas present. A slice of life around the holidays.   Added June, 2003.

by Patricia Henry

An accident, and Jess' life could end up going in a whole different direction.   Added August, 2003.

All Roads Lead Home
by Mary

A mysterious letter from an old friend sends Jess on an adventure in Montana that will change his life forever. Added September, 2003.

More Stories by Arren   
A response to numerous requests to see more of Arren's stories. Here's a link to her non-Laramie stories. New stories added without notice.

The Hired Gun, by Patricia Henry
Jess must take up the gunfighter's way again when a woman and her relay station are threatened. Added December 2003.

Revenge Is Sweet, by Patty Cornish   
A Jess adventure, written by an elementary school student in the '60s who serialized it for her friends. Added July, 2004.

Everafter by Arren   
After an arguement, Jess tries to find a new life away from Laramie. A Laramie/Lancer crossover. Added July, 2004.

Unfinished by Arren   
Jess is missing, and Slim literally moves Heaven and Earth to find him. Added December, 2004.

Requiem for a Renegade by Maddie Holthe   
What would have happened if Slim and Jess had met a different way? A glimpse into Jess' dark past. Added August 2005.

No Name on the Bullet by Maddie Holthe   
A Jess story that takes place before he ever heard tell of Laramie. Added October 2005.

The Christmas Winds by Maddie Holthe   
A Laramie Christmas Story. Trouble comes to the relay station just before Christmas while Jess is worrying about making it a special Christmas for Mike. This continues the alternate version of how Slim and Jess met established in Maddie's "Requiem for a Renegade". Added February 2006.

The First Christmas by Patricia Henry   
A rocky start to the first Christmas at the Relay Station for Jess with his new family, when his past Christmases come back to haunt him. Added Christmas Eve, 2006.

A Love to Die For by Patricia Henry   
A new love for Slim is big trouble at the Relay Station for Jess and his new family. Added September 2007.

Second Chance by Patricia Henry   
A nice little murder mystery involving Jess, Slim, the cast of The Virginian with a smattering of The Big Valley and Bonanza thrown in. Added October 2007.

Waiting by BadgerGater   
Jess waits on the side of the road for Slim to return after he is shot. A missing scene from "Night of the Quiet Man". Added June, 2008

Bounty by BadgerGater   
A bounty hunter comes after Jess, not knowing that wanted poster was old. Added August, 2008.

Tinder and Ash by Nachuma   
A fire at the ranch brings back memories of Jess' family, as Slim and Jonesy fight to save his life. Added August, 2008.

A Jess Story by Nachuma   
A stream of consciousness piece inside Jess' head. Added October, 2008.

Seeing the Light by Badgergater   
A tag to Glory Road . Jess has a heart-to-heart with Miss Essie. Added December, 2008.

Justice by Badgergater   
A story of the first meeting of Jess and Mort, and the beginning of a great friendship. Added April 2, 2009.

Medicine Trail, by Gail   
A story of divided loyalties, and the healing that comes from friendship. Added July 9, 2009.

The Reckoning, by Nachuma   
Revenge threatens Jess and everyone he cares about. A story of survival and redemption. Added August 10, 2009.

Reconcile by Gail
A story of divided loyalties, and the healing that comes from friendship. Added August 18, 2009.

Blizzard, by Badgergater   
An offhand remark by Jess in "Day of Vengeance" prompts this story of the night he spent in a blizzard. Added September 27, 2009.

The Gift, by Badgergater   
Added January 9, 2010.

Lost, by Gail.   
Third in the "Homecoming" trilogy, after "Medicine Trail" and "Reconcile" but can stand alone.
Added February 14, 2010.

Five Days in the Desert, by BadgerGater.
A tag to the wonderful episode "Stolen Tribute" wherein Jess has just trudged 5 days across the desert, and really needs to get home.
Added February 25, 2010.

Haunted, by Nachuma    
A crossover with one of our all-time favorite shows, "Supernatural".
Added March 14, 2010.

The First Step, by BadgerGater    
An epilogue to Stage Stop that supplies one of those missing answers Ė where did that gun (Jessí gunfighter gun thatís hidden by the fireplace) come from?
Added June 1, 2010.

Sorrow Trail, by Gail    
It was a time of loss for The People, and friendship with them was a difficult path for Slim and Jess. References to earlier stories, but can be stand alone.
Added August 4, 2010

Defiance, by Badgergater    
As a wounded Jess returns home, his friends care for him, and worry. Missing scenes starting at Fort Defiance, on the way home, and a sequel to the episode Men of Defiance
Added August 23, 2010

The Stray, by Betty    
A cowboy and his dog. Jess picks up a stray in this sweet short story.
Added September 8, 2010

The Big Cat, by Donna Wilmeth    
Jess can't understand why the big mountain lion seems to be keeping watch over him.
Added September 11, 2010

The Ghost, by Pat Goldammer    
Jess hunts a mountain lion and her cub.
Added September 17, 2010

Sins of the Father, by Pat Storm    
Terror from Jess' past catches up with him, bringing new twists to complicate life at the Sherman Ranch and his new found family, putting all their lives in danger.
Added September 23, 2010

The Good Life, by Badger    
When a rogue bear begins killing cattle, Slim and Jess must rid the range of this menace.
Added November 2, 2010

A Fresh Start, by Badger    

Added November 10, 2010

The Marshals: The Missing Scenes, by Badger    
If you've seen the outstanding episode, The Marshals, you know it was ripe for a fill-in-the-blanks fic. Well, here it is.
Added February 11, 2011

Kayanna's Return, by Linda Phillips    
When Daisy must leave the ranch to tend a sick friend, an old Sherman friend arrives to take over, and Jess finds himself in turmoil.
Added March 3, 2011

2010 4-story Challenge, by Gail    
These four stories were written in response to a challenge; write stories based upon the words "rota, roster, rotor, rooster".
Added March 21, 2011

The Wanted Man, by Badger    
Jess Harper is on the run, and the news shocks those back at the ranch. Filling in the gaps to Season 3's Lawless Seven
Added April 5, 2011

Silence, by Badger    
A missing scene for The Replacement, between the end of the gunfight and the tag.
Added May 10, 2011

Please Be Seated, by Linda Phillips    
Slim's inner conflict and emotional challenges, starting in the teenage years.
Added May 13, 2011

Loyal to a Fault, by Skye    
Based on a brief mention by Jess from "Glory Road" about breaking his leg after a fall from his horse.
Added June 17, 2011

The Voice of Silence, by Betsy    
Daisy takes in a deaf and mute girl who finds her place in life with Daisy's gentle care.
Added July 6, 2011

The Best Medicine for Daisy, by Pat Storm    
A very ill Daisy begs Jess to tell her about himself. Jess reveals some of the deepest, darkest memories of his tragic life.
Added July 6, 2011

A Little Town Called Bravo (revised) by Betsy    
Jess trails an unsuccessful murderer to a little town called Bravo, and Slim trails Jess.
Added July 21, 2011

Too Late, by Badgergater    
Missing scene and epilogue to The Fugitives. Jess has to tell Slim the truth about Greevy's escape, and the answer to a couple of nagging questions.
Added September 6, 2011

Acceptance, by Deborah Casey    
After a life changing accident, Jess wonders if it is best that he stay on at the ranch or leave for the better of all. As told by Slim Sherman.
Added September 22, 2011

Spirit Trail, by Gail    
Not all trails are across the land; some lead deep into the heart and spirit. For Jess, this was the way of it.
Added October 3, 2011

In That Deep, by Badgergater    
A short epilogue to the episode "General Delivery".
Added October 25, 2011

Where the Greenbriers Twine, by Pat Storm    
Andyís growing pains cause havoc at the Sherman Ranch as well as a heap of trouble for himself. With Slim and Jess away, Jonesy must handle the growing teenís rebellion leading to even further complications once Slim and Jess return to the ranch.
Added December 4, 2011

Holding On by Gail    
The shootist rode in with the southwest wind, through the dust kicking up on Main Street.
December 4, 2011

Arrogance, by Gail    
It was his first Christmas at the ranch, and Jess understood Andy's longing for some promise of good in the world. But first there's a gang to deal with.
Added December 4, 2011

Farewell, by Florence Bush    
Daisy is looking back on her life. Some bits and pieces of what happened at the Sherman ranch after Season 4.
Added December 4, 2011

Leaving Home, by Badgergater    
Between Seasons 1 and 2 -- Itís a time of change at the Sherman Ranch and not everyone is taking it well. In fact, no one is.
Added January 31, 2012

A Christmas for Mike, by Betsy    
A lighthearted story of Christmas wishes. Added March 15, 2012.

Twisters From Texas, by Iphigenia Smytes Tomes    
Former Texas panhandle drifter Jess Harper, has settled down in Laramie, somewhat, and known to declare heís only afraid of two things, a good woman and being left afoot, a quote from real cowboy Teddy Blue. Rancher Slim Sherman, on the other hand, talks about settling down with a good woman whenever the writers allow him. What better way to see how they react than to throw a woman into the mix! Added March 15, 2012.

Hollingworth, Esq., by Joyce Manley    
Slim and Jess go for a loan, but as Jess said, "Pond scum ain't always in the water." Added March 30, 2012.

Chupacabra!, by Pat Storm    
What is stalking the local rancherís newborn calves? Does Jess know the answer from stories heíd been told as a child back on the Panhandle? When one of their own calves is ravished, the boys must find out the truth. Added April 16, 2012.

The Suit, by Joyce Manley    
Slim and Jess are invited to a fancy wedding, but Jess' idea of fancy is far different from Slim's. Added May 25, 2012.

Eagles and Horses, by Pat W.    
Slim reaches the breaking point and tells Jess to ride out,only to meet up with a much different Jess later. Added May 25, 2012.

A Sacred Birth, by Pat Storm    
Poor Slim, outnumbered again and always amazed by his pardner and little brother, and by what they will bring to the ranch next. Added September 22, 2012.

Blood Moon, by Maddie Holthe    
A Laramie Halloween story! Added October 30, 2012.

No Hardship At All, by Badgergater    
Sara Willoughby is one very lucky young lady... Added November 15, 2012.

From the Memoirs of Miss Emma Scott, by Pat Storm    
Miss Emmas Scott remembers and encounter with two handsome strangers who drift into her town as she writes her memoirs. Memories can sometimes cause even a retired saloon girl to blush. Added November 16, 2012.

The Echo of Bells, by Badgergater    
An epilogue to the Christmas episode, The Sound of Bells. Added December 28, 2012.

Rocks, Sand and Cactus, by Badgergater    
A missing scene from "Ride or Die", Added February 5, 2013.

Four Days on the Prairie, by Badgergater    
From an incident mentioned by Jess in Glory Road, something that happened several years before: here's how it just might have taken place. Added March 12, 2013.

Battle Plans, by Jan G.    
Missing scenes from near the middle of The General Must Die. And some answers for the action at the end of the episode. Slim tries to keep everybody safe! Added Monday, April 22, 2013.

Belonging, by Badgergater    
There are things to be talked about on the ride home from Tumavaca (missing scenes from near the end of The Road to Tumavaca. Added Thursday, May 30, 2013.

Dead Man's Tale    
Slim and Andy Sherman and an ailing Jess Harper accidentally stumble onto a secret that will change their lives forever. Added Monday, June 3, 2013

Conundrum by Barbara Taylor and Maddie Holthe    
A crossover story for Star Trek (the original series) and Laramie (the ONLY series). Added Saturday, June 29, 2013

Second Chances, by Badgergater    
Jess is thinking about what he's done after the shootout with Bakker's Bunch. A missing scene from the season 2 episode, No Second Chances.
Added September 27, 2013

Broken Hearted, by Brittany Thompson       
Someone from Jess' past is in trouble. Can he help, or will it cost him his life?
Added September 27, 2013

A Substantial Gift, by Badgergater       
Jess has an unexpected encounter and faces a dilemma.
Added January 17, 2014

What Matters Most, by Betty and Gail       
A collaborative Thanksgiving story.
Added February 15, 2014

All's Well by Badgergater       
Slim recalls a stressful day at the ranch-- when the General was due to visit. Epilogue to General Must Die
Added April 5, 2014

The Escape, by Badgergater       
A rewrite of that implausible scene where Jess escapes in Licence to Kill.
Added August 1, 2014

Just One More Thing, by Jan G.       
Slim Sherman and Jess Harper were anticipating a quiet day of relaxation at the Sherman Relay Station, 12 miles this side of Laramie, as they helped Daisy get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Buth they ended up in quite a pickle!.
Added November 9, 2014

Dodge City, by Badgergater       
It was once mentioned in an episode that there was this bit of trouble when Jess got into back in Kansas. It was more than a bit actually. It was quite a bit! Jess Harper really should have stayed out of Dodge City.
Added November 9, 2014

Unexpected Events On A Trip, by EJ       
A Laramie and Lancer Crossover.
Added December 24, 2014

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