The Texas Kid

by Patricia Henry


The hallway was dimly lit. He walked softly, so quietly that no one heard him. Suddenly with his boot, he kicked in the hotel door to room 206. The man sitting in the chair looked up. His hand started for his gun.

“I wouldn’t do that! Not if you want to live.”

“All right, Jack, what do you want?”

The Texas Kid just stood there, his eyes looking around the room. Finally he said, “You know what I want. You’re nothing but a no good thief. And worse you hurt a lady. And I’m here to set things right.”

The man stood. His hand posed, ready to draw.

The Texas Kid though was relaxed. Confident.

The other man was taller. Older. Had more years of experience.

Still the Texas Kid wasn’t worried even though he was younger. He knew he would win this battle. Because he represented justice. Once he had gone against the law. But no more. The kid now only fought for good, not evil. “You shouldn’t have hurt the young lady. No one hurts a woman when I’m around.“

The man drew his pistol. The Texas Kid was faster. As smoke blew from the kid’s gun, the outlaw laid on the floor. No longer a threat to decent society.

“Jack?” the woman’s voice called out.

The Texas Kid turned.

The woman facing him was scared. “Am I safe now?”

“As long as I’m alive, you’ll be safe. That’s a promise I’ll always keep.”

“But will they come after you? For shooting him. After all he part of the Cuttley gang.”

“Don’t worry about me. No one knows my true identify. Only you know that I’m Jack Stede. Or like some like to call me, The Texas Kid. ‘Sides I’ve fought off ten men with my bare fists and I’m still here.”

He offered her his arm. They walked down the hallway, out of the hotel. He placed her on his mount, Traveler, then climbed up behind her.

“Where will we go?”

“I don’t know. New Mexico...California...Maybe Wyoming.”

She looked into his blue eyes. “I’ll follow you anywhere. You know that.”

“I might have to ride alone someday. But for now-”

He spurred the horse and they rode off into the sunset.”


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