Stacey's Videos

Lovingly and artistically rendered, these videos are the creations of Stacey,
but she has given us permission to include them in our Favorite Things about Laramie.
These videos condense four years of awesomeness into three minute works of art.
If you enjoy them and would like to comment, please send Stacey an email through
the feedback link at the bottom of the page.

We are very proud to have Stacey on the Relay Station Team.

Disclaimer: The images, clips and music in these videos do not belong to us. They are for the entertainment of a small group of fans who appreciate
the artistry of Laramie. No money or any other form of reimbursement has changed hands and no copyright infringement is intended.


Rolling Home


Andy & Jess


Back In The Saddle


Rough and Tumble


Not While I'm Around


Mulligan Stew


Meet Jess Harper




Musical Chairs


Won't Last


(Women of Laramie)




This Town


Stars and Bars


Can't Turn Away


Whiskey Soaked


Turn Around


Turn Around 2

Turn Loose


Turn Around 4


Turn Around 5