<u>Laramie Original Stories Submission Requirements</u> Laramie Original Stories Submission Requirements
If you've gotten this far, then you must be interested in submitting a story! Welcome!
We do have a few long-standing rules for accepting stories. Please read, and then feel free to submit a story.


Stories must be beta read by a second person for spelling, grammar and content. Stories found to have a lot of errors will be returned. We believe that good punctuation and grammar show respect for your readers.

Further respect is shown by your acknowledgments. If a story has been "inspired by", "pays homage to" or just "expands upon" another author's work, please not only acknowledge it, but ask permission of the author and include that permission in your acknowledgments.

Stories must have some relationship to Laramie and its publicly recognized characters. Stories where the characters are unrecognizable, i.e. are Jess, Slim etc in name only, will not be accepted.

Related to the rule above, we do not post Slash. If you don't know what Slash is, then it's probable that you don't write it. You can ask about it if you like. We also post only stories. We do not post Filks or other things of that Ilk.

Stories should be submitted in a Microsoft Word document, or similar. Txt files are accepted. If we can't open it, we can't post it.

We accept stories that are exclusive to the Relay Station. Please do not submit if they are posted elsewhere. If stories are found to be posted elsewhere, they will be removed from our site without notice. Laramie is a very small fandom and duplication of efforts is unnecessary. We offer our authors an exclusive site to post their work.

We do not post WIPs. Sorry, finished stories only. It's okay if it is "the first of a Trilogy", but the story itself must be finished and stand alone.

We reserve the right to decline any story that is deemed inappropriate or below standards by our acceptance committee.

There is no payment or any other form of reimbursement for stories. We do encourage readers to send feedback.

Stories can be submitted to the Relay Station email   HERE.

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