Our Favorite
Laramie Guest Stars

Laramie was a Revue Studio production, and as such, it used, and re-used studio contract players...   frequently. Sometmes very  frequently. Laramie also utilized some of the most wonderful character actors in the biz at that time. Here are some of our favorites, and as many of the episodes they appeared in as we can remember without having a Laramie-a-thon to do intensive research. This is a work in progress. We'll eventually have more details and pictures up, and we will be constantly adding and refining. If you have input, please let us know.

    Claude Akins- seen very frequently in movies and television. Later was in both "Incident at Phantom Hill", and "Return of the Seven" with Robert Fuller.
    Queen of Diamonds,  Among the Missing,  Trapped,  Death Wind

    Eddie Albert-Later starred in "Green Acres", and was in the movie version of Oklahoma!
    Glory Road

    John Anderson-a face you see everywhere if you watch old TV shows. Tall, lanky, craggy and often cranky. Hugely prolific and seemed to have been in just about every TV series ever. Played Mac's grandfather in a couple of episodes of MacGyver. Was also in the Donner Pass movie with Robert Fuller.
    The Violent Ones,  A Grave for Cully Brown,  Men of Defiance,  The Long Riders,  The Perfect Gift,  Bad Blood

    R.G. Armstrong-a strong, gruff character actor, seen in countless movies and TV shows.
    License to Kill

    James Best-wonderful character actor with a distinctive voice. Later played the bumbling sheriff on The Dukes of Hazzard.
    The Lawbreakers,  Company Man

    Lyle Bettger-a very familiar face in movies and TV. He was the guy who parked his car on the train tracks and wrecked the train in "The Greatest Show on Earth".
    The Lawless Seven,  Turn of the Wheel,  Night of the Quiet Man,  Beyond Justice,  Rimrock

    Ernest Borgnine-won an Academy Award for "Marty", and starred in "McHale's Navy" on TV. Borgnine also starred for several seasons in "Airwolf".
    Ride the Wild Wind,  Circle of Fire

    Charles Bronson- well-known TV and movie tough-guy actor with a face only a mother could love. Later became hugely famous for his Death Wish movies.
    Street of Hate,  Run of the Hunted

    William Bryant-This guy was all over the place. One of those you-see-'em-everywhere-but-don't-know-their-name character actors. I know he did more episodes of Laramie than we have listed. As we find more, we'll add to the list. He did over a dozen episodes of Emergency!.
    Star Trail,  The Marshals,  Double Eagles,  Ladies Day

    Edgar Buchanan- lovable old coot and inveterate scene stealer. Played Uncle Joe on "Petticoat Junction".
    Stolen Tribute,  The Long Road Back,  Saddle and Spur,  Men of Defiance

    Rod Cameron-one of the most familiar faces among the "regular" guest stars of Laramie; very tall, and rugged. He was a personal friend of John Champion's. He made news, when in the early 60's he divorced his wife and married her mother.
    Lost Allegiance,  General Delivery,  Broken Honor,  Men in Shadows,  Drifter's Gold

    Raphael Campos
     You name the TV show in the 50s and 60s and this kid guest-starred in it. He was playing "kids" well into his twenties. Died young at 49 of Cancer. The Barefoot Kid

    Harry Carey Jr.- Very well known as character actors go. He was in loads of western movies and TV shows. Worked a lot under John Ford's direction and with John Wayne. Is the son of silent film star Harry Carey, and actress Olive Carey
    The Debt,  The Barefoot Kid,  Lost Allegiance,  Time of the Traitor

    James Coburn-well-known movie and television actor. "In Like Flynt". Died November 2002.
    Mark of the Manhunters,  Iron Captain

    Ben Cooper-Has a list of credits as long as your arm. With his boyish features, he often played "the kid" type roles. In Gun Duel he played Mort Corey's nephew, a young upstart who wanted to be a lawman and tagged around with Jess who was acting sheriff. Even though playing 'the kid' part, he was actually several years older than Robert Fuller.
    Gun Duel,  The Runt

    Chuck Courtney-one of Robert Fuller's best friends. A stuntman who taught Fuller the business too. They starred together in "Teenage Thunder". Ironically, in this appearance in Laramie, Courtney had no lines. He was playing a mute. Mr. Fuller says that Chuck gave him the gun that he carried as Jess Harper.
    The Replacement

    Jim Davis-another ruggedly handsome character actor. His last role was Jock Ewing on "Dallas".
    Shadow of the Past,  Trapped,  Trail Drive

    Ivan Dixon-was later "Kinch" on "Hogan's Heroes". In later years, became a busy television director.
    Among the Missing

    Dan Duryea- One of Robert Fuller's favorite guest stars, always speaking of him fondly during public appearances. Duryea specialized in bad guys, usually charming bad guys, and also starred with Fuller in "Incident at Phantom Hill", as, you guessed it, a charming, but very bad guy. Stage Stop,  The Long Riders,  The Mountain Men

    Jason Evers- Don't know much about him other than we saw him a lot. He did an episode of classic Star Trek with Kathie Browne (In the Wink of an Eye)
    Trial By Fire,  The Debt,  The Mountain Men

    William Fawcett- this guy was a wonder. He was a PhD and professor of theatre at Michigan. He was in numerous episodes of Laramie, usually playing bartenders, stage drivers, hired hands. He was in his 70s at the time.
    Time of the Traitor  The Sunday Shoot,  The Replacement,  License to Kill,  Death Wind

    Dick Foran-famous for being an early singing cowboy in many films.
    Bitter Glory,  The Killer Legend,  Double Eagles

    James Gregory-a marvelous character actor who very recently died (August 2002). He was in numerous TV and movie roles throughout his career, including the original Star Trek.
    Man of God,  The Sometime Gambler

    Clu Gulager-Was a Universal contract player and it seems like he appeared in every TV show ever made. Appeared in fairly recent shows like Dr. Quinn and MacGyver. Was only in Laramie once as far as we know. Played Jess' brother-in-law, husband of Francie, in the fourth episode of the first season.
    Fugitive Road

    Alan Hale-later played the Skipper, in "Gilligan's Island."
    Edge of Evil

    Ron Harper-later starred in "Garrison's Guerillas" and "Planet of the Apes", the TV series. Still working today and was recently in an episode of the West Wing.
    Duel At Parkison Town,  Edge of Evil

    Arthur Hunnicutt- familiar character actor, usually played scroungy mountain man type characters. Was in two memorable episodes of Bonanza where he played the owner of the smartest of all dogs, Walter
    Cactus Lady,  The Dispossessed,  Wolf Cub

    Ben Johnson- venerable character actor, appeared in many westerns. Academy Award winner for The Last Picture Show.
    The Hour After Dawn,  A Sound of Bells,  Widow in White

    Russell Johnson-  Was in oodles of Laramies. Not sure we have them all here. Had a very prolific career as a character actor (usually a heavy) until he became a household name as The Professor in Gilligan's Island.
    Double Eagles,  The Dynamiters,  The Perfect Gift,  Killer's Odds,  Badge of Glory

    L.Q. Jones- Geez, what episode wasn't this guy in? One of Laramie's most frequent repeaters. Usually played a henchmen or a bad guy, but occasionally was tapped to play a good fella, such as in "The Stranger", or "Dark Verdict". Appeared as a retired Texas Ranger in our favorite Chuck Norris movie, "Lone Wolf McQuade".
    The Replacement, Among the Missing,   Dark Verdict,  Siege at Jubilee,  Cactus Lady,  The Stranger  Shadow of the Past

    Brian Keith- Later appeared as "Uncle Bill", in Family Affair. Also in "The Parent Trap" with Hayley Mills and Maureen O'Hara, and many many other movie and TV roles.
    The General Must Die

    John Larch--Character actor of 50's60's best known for baddie roles. films included Play Misty for Me and Dirty Harry. His last role was in Dallas in 1990.
    Confederate Express,  Day of Vengeance

    Norman Leavitt-could almost be considered a semi-regular, but he usually played different characters. Usually a bartender,ticket agent, shop keeper etc. He has a list of credits as long as your arm. Also appeared frequently in Wagon Train.
    Riders of the Night,  Shadow of the Past,  Double Eagles,  The Dynamiters,  The Killer Legend,  Ladies Day

    John Lupton-a very prolific actor throughout the 50s-70s.
    Killer's Odds,  Day of the Savage

    Jock Mahoney-one of Robert Fuller's heroes. Played "Range Rider" and was a stunt man. Was also Sally Field's step-father. Fuller always names him as one of his idols.
    Man from Kansas,  Ladies Day

    Ross Martin-known for playing character parts with accents. In this case, he plays a Mexican bandito. Later starred with Robert Conrad in "The Wild Wild West", as Artemus Gordon.
    A Sound of Bells

    David McLean-did commercials for many years as "The Marlboro Man". Died of Lung Cancer, but not before becoming an anti-smoking crusader. He can also be seen in episodes of The Big Valley and Lancer as well as many other shows of that era.
    The Marshals,  Beyond Justice,  A Grave for Cully Brown

    John McIntire-later became Robert Fuller's "boss" as wagon master Chris Hale on Wagon Train and after that was one of the owners of Shiloh on "The Virginian". He took the role on Wagon Train after the original wagon master Ward Bond died. Married to actress Jeanette Nolan.
    The Lawbreakers,  The Passing of Kuba Smith

    Jan Merlin-another frequent repeater, always playing a bad guy. Known for playing flat-out weasels.
    The Last Battleground,  Stolen Tribute,  Among the Missing,  Three Roads West,  Trial by Fire,  Trigger Point

    Denny Miller-Later became Robert Fuller's co-star on Wagon Train when Fuller joined that show after Laramie ended. Miller played the "other" scout, Duke Shannon. Made the rounds of all the TV shows, including a memorable episode of Gunsmoke called "Lijah". Seen in recent years in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and as the Gorton's fisherman in the commercials.
    Men of Defiance,  License to Kill

    Mort Mills-another very familiar face around Laramie. He had a frequent re-occurring role on The Big Valley as the sheriff of Stockton.
    Rimrock,  War Hero,  The Last Journey,  Men of Defiance

    Ed Nelson- Very commonly seen character and leading man. Famous as Dr. Rossi in the Peyton Place TV series.
    Dragon at the Door,  Bitter Glory

    Lloyd Nolan-well-known TV and movie actor with a very distinctive voice. Was in "Julia" with Diahann Carroll.
    The Star Trail,  Deadly is the Night,  War Hero

    Warren Oates- A much loved and respected character actor. Usually played likable, offeat characters. Was never a leading man, but was very prominent as a good and reliable character actor. Was in "Return of the Seven" with Robert Fuller, and played a great drill sergeant in "Stripes".
    Two For the Gallows

    Ryan O'Neal- had a brief bit part with only a couple of lines on Laramie (he looks like he's about twelve). Went on to be a relatively big name in movies (Love Story, Chances Are, The Wild Rovers, What's Up Doc?)
    Bitter Glory

    Dennis Patrick-spotted in many episodes of Laramie as well as many other shows. Smiles a lot. Made at least one appearance with Fuller in Emergency! playing the father of the girl that got the "monkey virus" that also afflicted Dr. Brackett.
    Stolen Tribute,  Shadows in the Dust,  Men in Shadows,  The Marshals,  Cemetary Road,  The Fatal Step

    Denver Pyle- another very familiar and prolific character actor. Later ended up on The Dukes of Hazzard. Also played Doris Day's father in The Doris Day Show, even though he was only four years older than she was. Was also in "Incident at Phantom Hill" with Robert Fuller.
    Siege at Jubilee,  Three Rode West,  Strange Company,  Vengeance

    Bing Russell- Kurt's daddy. Can be spotted in hundreds of TV shows and movies. Was a regular on Bonanza for awhile, playing "Clem".
    The Lawless Seven,  Company Man,  The Sometime Gambler,  Men of Defiance

    Karl Swenson-another frequent flyer. Later played the mill owner, Lars Hanson on "Little House on the Prairie". Was also a semi-regular on Cimarron Strip with Stuart Whitman. Often played Austrians, Swedes or Germans.
    The Stranger,  Trial by Fire,  Night of the Quiet Man,  A Grave for Cully Brown

    Lee Van Cleef- Very successful villain in many movies, mostly westerns and marshal arts movies. Had those slity eyes that just screamed bad guy.
    Killer's Odds,  .45 Calibre,  Vengeance  The Stranger

    Robert Vaughn perhaps best known for portraying Napoleon Solo in 'Man from U.N.C.L.E'. He was also in the first Magnificent Seven movie and was nominated for an academy award for his role in 'Young Philadelphians'. Other notable movies include 'Bullit' and 'The Bridge at Remagen'. He also won an emmy award for best supporting actor in 'Washington: Behind Closed Doors'.
    The Dark Trail

    Gregory Walcott- very prolific actor, made numerous appearances on all of the westerns of the day, Bonanza, Rawhide, Big Valley, Sugarfoot, Zane Grey, Bat Masterson etc. Often played heavies. Was in Donner Pass with Robert Fuller.
    Trigger Point,  Sunday Shoot,  Drifter's Gold

    Adam West- was later TV's "Batman".
    The Betrayers,  Man From Kansas

    Robert Wilke-a very familier face in loads of Laramies. An extremely prolific, but mostly anonymous character actor. Has more credits than you can shake a stick at.
    A Sound of Bells,  Fall Into Darkness,  The Marshals,  Track of the Jackal,  The Run to Tumavaca,  Justice in a Hurry,  The Fatal Step

    DeForest Kelley- before Star Trek, he often played the heavy in westerns, like this one.
    Gun Duel, 

    Kenneth Toney- had an uncredited role as bounty hunter Joe Tanner in
    The Lonesome Gun, 

    Gary Merrill- once married to Bette Davis. Played Ed Farrell in
    The Lonesome Gun, 

    The Women!

    Laramie was chock full of manly men, but we were occasionally treated to those manly men interracting with (mostly) wiley females. God bless 1960's television. Most of the female characters were either bad girls, or real bad girls. Okay, there was the occasional girlfriend, but they usually were troublemakers anyway. We admit there was the occasional smart, good, non-bimbo. I guess the other category would have to be 'the victims'. We had plenty of those too.
    If you can overlook the 50's bullet bras, and the sometimes horrible '60's hairdos, these ladies were great fun to watch and to watch the guys watch as well.

    Julie London-later Robert Fuller's co-star in Emergency!. Was best known as a torch singer and made many albums. Was married to E! co-star, Bobby Troup.
    Queen of Diamonds

    Karen Steele- a very popular actress in the 60's. Did lots of TV, including original Star Trek ("Mudd's Women")
    A Grave for Cully Brown, The Lost Dutchman

    Joan Tabor- Her character had wonderful chemistry with Jess, and they both shared a somewhat dubious past that they were trying to overcome. She appeared on a few other shows including Bat Masterson, Mr. Ed, Have Gun Will Travel, and was in the movie Teenage Millionaire.
    Men In Shadows

    Cloris Leachman- Academy Award for The Last Picture Show. Also co-starred in The Mary Tyler Moore show, and starred in her own spin-off series "Phyllis" and later replaced Mrs. Garrett on "Facts of Life".
    Trial By Fire

    Nanette Fabray-a former child performer and Broadway actress. Best known to TV audiences for musical comedy shows and game show appearances. She performed for many years with a severe hearing impairment. She was perfect as Essie Bright in the second episode, Glory Road. Our First Lady of the non-bimbo variety.
    Glory Road

    Jacqueline Scott- Appeared in three episodes of Laramie, but gets special mention, and made a great impression as Jess' big sister in Shadow of the Past, one of the best.
    The Sometime Gambler,  The Wedding Party,  Shadow of the Past,

    Fay Spain-the little lady with the baby-doll voice. Usually played manipulative bad-girls. Okay, maybe that's unfair...no, that pretty much covers it.
    Vengeance,  No Second Chance,  Duel at Alta Mesa

    Myrna Fahey- Another fondly remembered female guest star. She made an impression as the pretty, intelligent, non-bimbo in Lost Allegiance. Would've made a good match for Jess, but they lived in two different worlds . Myrna did at least two Wagon Trains and one Bonanza that we remember, and died young at age 40 of cancer.
    Lost Allegiance

    Olive Carey- One of the few Laramie female guests that actually looked authentic to the period. Had a sporadic, but long-lived career in movies and television. Started out in silent pictures. Mother of actor Harry Carey Jr, who made numerous appearances in Laramie. Maiden name was Olive Fuller Brown.
    Deadly is the Night

    Anita Sands- She was so perfect as Troy McCanless in "Cactus Lady". She did some work in the late 50s and early 60s, appearing in Bonanza and getting her hair washed (again!) by Hoss and Little Joe, then dropped off the radar. She stopped working in television in 1963, got married and had four children. Is currently a professional Astrologer and has her own website: http://home.earthlink.net/~astrology/
    Click Here  if you'd like to see Anita today.
    Cactus Lady,  The High Country

    Kathie Browne- Very familier in TV shows in the 50's and 60's. She was Adam Cartwright's girlfriend in several episodes of Bonanza and is married to actor, Darren McGavin.
    The Betrayers,   Beyond Justice

    Gloria Talbott-one of two frequent female repeaters on Laramie. The other was Fay Spain. Gloria retired from acting in 1966, but re-emerged to appear in Attack of the B-Movie Monsters.
    The Hour After Dawn,  Ladies Day,  Naked Steel,  The Passing of Kuba Smith

    Ruta Lee- Not the shrinking violet type. Always seems to play forthright, sassy ladies. Played Robert Fuller's sweet wife (kind of against type) in an early episode of Wagon Train, long before he was a regular. They dated casually a little bit before they both married other people. She is a funny, bawdy broad who is still active and beautiful. She played Roseanne's mother's lesbian lover on "Roseanne".
    Siege At Jubilee

    Gena Rowlands- Played a married woman with whom Jess once had an affair. RF says they had a lot of fun shooting this episode. Gena Rowlands is still active in films today and is the widow of actor/director John Cassavetes.
    The Run to Tumavaca

    Jeanette Nolan- A wonderful, long-time character actress who was married to John McIntire and is the mother of actor Tim McIntire. Had her own short-lived series that was a spin-off of Gunsmoke called "Dirty Sally" with Dack Rambo and played her husband's wife on The Virginian.

    Beverly Garland- Was the 'step-mom' on My Three Sons and Mrs. King's mother on Scarecrow and Mrs. King.
    Saddle and Spur

    These next folks are more than guest stars, they were semi-regulars, and a big part of what makes Laramie so special...

    Eddie Waller as "Mose". Eddie Waller was an old time western character actor whose career was winding down when Laramie came along. We have heard, but have not verified, that the role of Mose was written especially for him. Mose had a special playful relationship with Slim and especially Jess, and he had a bit of a crush on Miss Daisy (Siege at Jubilee). Mose usually served to bring news, gossip or guest stars to the ranch.
    Sheriff of Laramie, Mort Corey played by veteran character actor Stuart Randall. He played a variety of other roles in earlier episodes before joining the cast as a semi-regular in the role of Mort. Earlier, another actor actually played Mort Corey, but the character bore little resemblence to the Mort we grew to love as played by Stuart Randall.

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