Annie's Website Updates

       Wednesday, December 24th, 2014: One new story posted. Click here for     Unexpected Events on a Trip

       Sunday, Nov 9, 2014: Two new stories posted. Click here for     Just One More Thing  and here for     Dodge City  

       Friday, Aug 1, 2014: Badger's latest story has been posted. Click here for     The Escape  

       Sunday, June 22, 2014: Check out changes and additions to our Photo Galleries. We've added a very special Annamaria Gallery, and updated the Fan Gallery    Make with the Clicky Thing  

       Sunday, May 18, 2014: We have two updates today. First we have three new collages from Stacy on our     Fan Gallery   pages. We also have a new story by Jay Goldammer. Click here for     Fetching the Doctor  

       Saturday, April 4, 2014: Badger has sent a story that is a nice little follow up to "The General Must Die". Click here for     All's Well  

       Saturday, February 15, 2014: A joint effort by two of our established authors, Betty and Gail. Click here for     What Matters Most.   Also we have a new episode write up and review by our guest contributor, Kerri Hammer. Check out the Season 1 episode guide for Cemetary Road.

       Friday, January 17, 2014: Our first story of the new year. Click here for     A Substantial Gift, by Badgergater  

       Friday, September 27, 2013: New story by Badger has been posted in our Original Laramie Stories section. Click here for     Second Chances  

       Sunday, September 15, 2013: A new story has been posted by Jay Goldammer. Click here for     Galaraga's Gold  

       Friday, Sept 6, 2013: Review and write up of Season 1 episode. Click here for     The Iron Captain, by Kerri Hammer  

       Tuesday, Sept 2, 2013: Review and write up of Season 1 episode. Click here for     The Lawbreakers, by Kerri Hammer  

       Thursday, July 25, 2013: We have a new Gallery to walk through. The Fan Gallery houses photo-works made by fans who express themselves visually rather than in word. Also, our Kanab gallery has been updated with bigger, better pictures and these upgrades will continue. Check out our    Laramie Galleries.  

       Monday, July 5, 2013: New (video!) favorite moments have been added to our    page.  

       Sunday, June 30, 2013: We have a new feature on our Our Favorite Laramie Stuff page...    Videos!   Also, we have upgraded and added pictures throughout the site replacing low resolution pictures with higher resolution and adding new pictures.   

       Saturday, June 29, 2013: A pip of a crossover story, Star Trek and Laramie Conundrum,by Barbara Taylor and Maddie Holthe Click for     Conundrum  

       Monday, June 24, 2013: Review and write up of Season 2 episode. Click here for     The Long Riders  

       Saturday, June 22, 2013: Introducing our new episode guide contributer, Kerri Hammer with her first write up of a Season 1 episode. Click here for     Star Trail  

       Thursday May 30, 2013: Five new stories have been added by two authors, Badger and Christine Jeffords. Badger's story is a missing scene from the end of The Road to Tumavaca, click here for     Belonging, by Badgergater.   Christine gives us four stories: click for       Letter (From) Home (removed)    Missing(Removed);    The Meaning of Friendship (Removed);  and  Naming Day (Removed)  

       Monday, April 22, 2013: A missing scenes story from The General Must Die ,by new author Jan G. Click for     Battle Plans, by Jan G.  

       Tuesday March 12th, 2013: We have a "prequel" scene from "Glory Road" by Badger. Click for     Four Days on the Prairie, by Badgergater  

       Tuesday, February 5th, 2013: We have a missing scene from "Ride or Die"! Those are always fun and Badger is great at writing them. Click for     Rocks, Sand and Cactus, by Badgergater  

       Friday, December 28th, 2012: An epilogue to the wonderful Christmas episode, The Sound of Bells. Click for     The Echo of Bells, by Badgergater  

       Friday, November 16th, 2012: We've added a new story to our already great line-up. Please enjoy    From the Memoirs of Miss Emma Scott, by Pat Storm  

       Thursday, November 15th, 2012: Badger's back! Please enjoy    No Hardship At All, by Badgergater  

       Tuesday, October 30, 2012: A new story by an old friend and a great author has been added. Please enjoy    Blood Moon, by Maddie Holthe  

       Saturday, September 22, 2012: A new original story by Pat Storm has been added to our Original Stories pages. Make with the clicky thing and check out  A Sacred Birth  

       Friday, May 25, 2012: We're on a roll! Two stories in one day. Please check out new author Pat W's story,   Eagles and Horses   on our Original Stories page.   

       Friday, May 25, 2012: We have a new story by author Joyce Manley Make with the clicky and enjoy  The Suit   on our Original Stories page.   

       April 26, 2012: Take a look at   Chupacabra! by pat Storm   on our Original Stories page.   

Another new story by a new author has been added to our ever growing archive of Laramie Stories. Check out  Hollingsworth, Esq. by Joyce Manley   on our Original Stories page.    Also be sure and check out Jay Goldammer's new epic three-parter,   Prizes

       Thursday, March 15, 2012: It's Twofer Thursday! Two new stories! One new author!  Christmas for Mike, by Betsy; and Twisters From Texax, by Iphigenia Smytes Tomes   can be found on our Original Stories page. Also check them out on their own Author's pages, linked from the stories page.   

       Tuesday January 31, 2012: Happy new year! Happy new story!   Leaving Home, by Badgergater  .

       Sunday, December 4, 2011: Four new stories! One new author!  Arrogance and Holding On, by Gail; Where the Greenbriers Twine, by Pat Storm, and our newest author, Florence Bush, gives us "Farewell"   .

       Sunday, December 4, 2011:   Mary Brown's John Smith Tribute Gallery  .

       Tuesday October 25, 2011: Badger's latest is in the house!  In That Deep, by Badgergater  .

       Monday October 3, 2011: Gail has contributed another of her great stories to the Relay Stations. Spirit Trail is a follow up to Sorrow Trail, an earlier favorite. Head on over and check out  Spirit Trail, by Gail  .

       Thursday September 22, 2011: A new story and a new author! Please mosey over and enjoy  Acceptance, by Deborah Casey  .

       Tuesday September 6, 2011: A new story by Badger is always a pleasure. Please have a looksee at  Too Late, by Badgergater  .

       Friday July 22, 2011: We have made it possible for our loyal supporters to donate to keep the Relay Station open. We hope you'll take a minute...  HERE  .

       Thursday July 21, 2011: A new story has been posted by Betsy. We hope y'all take a gander at  A Little Town Called Bravo, by Betsy Esterholdt  .

       Friday, July 8, 2011: Two new stories added, one by a new author. We hope y'all take a liking to  The Best Medicine for Daisy, by Pat Storm  , and our new author, Betsy Esterholdt gives us   The Voice of Silence  .

       Friday, June 17, 2011: New Author, new story! Skye's new story is a short but sweet one riffing on the fact that Jess mentions breaking his leg in "Glory Road". Give a howdy to  Loyal to a Fault  

       Friday, May 13, 2011: Linda Phillip's new story, Please Be Seated, is in the house! Click  here   Enjoy! Also, please take a gander at Jay Goldammer's new story  Family, which is a sequel to his earlier work  Nobility

       Tuesday, May 10, 2011: A May offering by Badger brings us a tag to a great episode, The Replacement. Click   here, and enjoy!

       Tuesday, April 5 2011: A new story by one of our favorite Authors, Badger. This is a tag to "The Lawless Seven", a great episode. Click   here, and enjoy!

       Friday, March 25 2011: Our Original Stories page has been enhanced with a selection to view stories by individual author. Look for the link at the top of the stories index. Click   here

       Monday, March 21, 2011: Not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR new stories! Click   here     for the 2010 4-Story Challenge, by Gail.

       Thursday, March 3, 2011: New author! New story! Click  here     for Kayanna's Return, by Linda Phillips. Enjoy!

       Tuesday, February 15, 2011: A new year, a new author! I know you'll all enjoy Jay Goldammer's "Nobility".  Make with the clicky thing here.     Enjoy! Added February 15, 2011

       Friday, February 11, 2011: Our first new story of the new year! Badger's richly detailed, The Marshals: The Missing Scenes  is here.     Enjoy! Added February 11, 2011

       Friday, November 5, 2010: Newest offering by author Badgergater  A Fresh Start by Badgergater,added December 7, 2010

       Friday, November 5, 2010: Our Soapbox Corral has been updated with a contribution by Badgergater.  Laramie's Life Lessons, a plaque presented to Bob Fuller is in the house!

       Tuesday, November 2, 2010: Our wonderful author Badger has graced with another great story. Please enjoy  The Good Life

       Thursday, September 23, 2010: We have two, count 'em, TWO new stories. Please enjoy  Sins of the Fatherby Pat Storm, and Pride Goeth Before a Fall, by Gee

       Saturday, September 17, 2010: And another new author! We welcome Pat Goldammer and her story  The Ghost

       Saturday, September 16, 2010: We welcome yet another new author to our corral. Take a gander at  The Lady on the Mount

       Saturday, September 11, 2010: We welcome another new author to our corral. This is Donna's first fic. A story about Jess and a mysterious Big Cat. I hope you all enjoy  The Big Cat

       Wednesday, September 6, 2010: Please welcome a new author to our corral. Betty has given us a lovely little short story about a cowboy (Jess) and his dog. I hope you all enjoy  The Stray

       Monday, August 23, 2010: Badger has written us a marvelous Tag to the marvelous episode "Men of Defiance". Strangely enough, her story is called "Defiance", and it  is here! Yay!

       Thursday, August 4, 2010: Enjoy our latest acquisition form Gail. A socially conscious story about the friendship Slim and Jess share with the Indians.    Sorrow Trail   by Gail  is here!

       Tuesday, June 1, 2010: An epilogue to Stage Stop that supplies one of those missing answers Ė where did that gun (Jessí gunfighter gun thatís hidden by the fireplace) come from?    Haunted   by BadgerGater  is here!

       Sunday, March 14, 2010: A change of pace story. A fabulous crossover between Laramie and Supernatural. If you're not familiar with SPN, it's well-worth it and Nachuma brings these two great shows together in an awesome story that will give you chills. In a good way.   Haunted   by Nachuma  is here! Also more updates to the Original stories. Slowly but surely getting all the old favorites back up.

       Thursday, February 25, 2010: A tag to one of our Favorite stories, Stolen Tribute, has been posted. Five Days in the Desert   by Badgergater  is in the house!

       Sunday, February 14, 2010: A snowed-in weekend has resulted in the return of some old favorites in our Original Laramie Stories section, and the addition of a couple of new favorites. Hope you all enjoy  Dependence  by Helen Cooper and Lost by Gail.

       Sunday, January 24, 2010: A lot of our original stories are back after a long absence. We still have a number to go, but keep checking back. We also have a new story posted by Badgergater. Hop on over and check out The Gift  Here

       Sunday, September 27, 2009: A new story by Badger has been posted. We know you'll enjoy Blizzard  Here she be