First Impressions:A rather dark brooding story about a mysterious drug addict.    

The Story:This is only a brief synopsis. More details to come later...

Jess and Slim are working on fences when Slim gets a bit playful and pours the last of their water over Jess' head. Slim heads off to the creek to fill up. A few minutes after he leaves, Jess hears a shot and runs to see what happened. He finds Slim shot and catches a glimpse of a rider on a big gray horse. At the same watering hole is the wagon of a drummer who sells an elixer. The drummer is also dead. After he takes Slim to town, Jess rides out after the perp. Jess arrives in the town of Rimrock where he followed the horse. It turns out the horse belongs to the local Marshal. The marshal and sheriff are in cahoots. A saloon girl tries to help Jess, but he finds her hurt in her room, and the marshal slugs Jess over the head and they drag him off to jail. Jess is accused of attempting to kill the girl. While the sheriff keeps Jess busy keeping him working at hard labor, we find the marshal is protecting a reclusive "brother" who is addicted to a drug and needs more. The drug was found in the elixer that the drummer sold. Jess manages to escape, and along with the saloon girl he trails the marshal. We find out that "the brother" is actually the marshal himself who is a drug addict. Jess kills him in self defence after he comes after him and the girl.    

Annie's Favorite Moments:   I love the first scene when Jess is hard at work repairing fence, and Slim, in an unusually playful mood, comes up behind him and pours water over his head. Jess is understandably put out. When Slim says he's going to the pond to fill up, Jess says he hopes Slim falls in. Very cute, well played and amusing. That scene is counteracted just a few moments later when Jess finds Slim shot. The angst sets in quickly, and from there on, this is a very serious episode.

Jenny's Favorite Moments:   I have to agree with Annie on favorite moment. As usual, I'm a sucker for a good Slim and Jess scene.    

Notes of Interest:    The marshal and the sheriff are played by two frequent guest stars, Lyle Bettger and Mort Mills respectively. One of the few episodes with Jess riding along and a voice over narration at the end. There may be others that used this device, but I haven't seen them yet. Also, this is one of several episodes that deals with or at least addresses the issue of drugs and drug addiction. The others that come to mind are Confederate Express and Dragon at the Door.

The Owie Factor:   One of those sticky little pink patches for Jess who takes a bit of abuse in this one. First Slim soaks him, he gets slugged over the head and then soaked again by the sheriff, then put to work on the chain gang. Another large family size bandaid for Slim, whose close call is the reason for the whole thing.

Annie's rating: A very good, dark, brooding and dramatic episode. Woulda liked to see a tag where Jess goes home and we find out how Slim is.

Mark of the Manhunters



Run of the Hunted